One of the best ways to discover the culture of Vietnam is through its colourful festivals. Vietnam hosts a number of festivals that provide visitors with an exceptional and unforgettable experience, ranging from traditional rites to contemporary celebrations. Here are some of the most important cultural festivals in Vietnam, along with when and where you may attend them.

Tet Lunar New Year

The biggest holiday in Vietnam is called Tet, and it usually occurs in late January or early February. The event, which lasts for many days, ushers in a fresh cycle of the lunar calendar. Tet is a time when you may view vibrant decorations, sample regional cuisine, and witness dragon and lion dances.

tet lunar new year festival culture in vietnam

Mid-Autumn Festival:

On the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Moon Festival. Family reunions are the focus of the celebration, which is celebrated by eating mooncakes and lighting lanterns. Parades, dragon dances, and age-old contests like “bai choi” and “o a quan” can all be found in various regions.

mid-autumn festival culture in vietnam

Hue Festival

Every two years, the central Vietnamese city of Hue hosts the Hue Festival. The festival features a range of activities, including exhibitions, seminars, performances of traditional music and dance, and it honors the rich cultural heritage of the old imperial capital. Typically, the festival takes place in April or May.

hue festival culture in vietnam

Hoi An Lantern Festival

Every lunar month, on the 14th day, the historic town of Hoi An celebrates the Lantern Festival. The festival, which honors the full moon, features traditional music and dance performances as well as the lighting of thousands of bright lanterns. A beautiful encounter like this shouldn’t be passed up.

hoian lanterns festival culture in vietnam

Hung King Temple Festival

The illustrious founder of Vietnam is honored during the Hung King Temple Festival, which takes place on the tenth day of the third lunar month. In addition to food and flower offerings, the festival also features age-old competitions and performances at the Hung Temple in the province of Phu Tho.

hung king temple festival culture in vietnam

Of the various cultural celebrations held annually in Vietnam, these are just a few examples. Vietnam has events for everyone, whether you’re searching for a large celebration or a smaller get-together.

So why not organize your trip around one of these events and get a taste of this wonderful country’s rich culture and traditions?